"To put it simply, you saved my life. It is an absolute miracle that you came into my life when you did and had the willingness and patience to help me find a path to recovery. From hospitals, to rehab, to weekly calls, you have provided me the building blocks for a new life. My foundation in sobriety starts with you. Your wisdom of this disease, your belief in a program in recovery and ability to bring our family together has been remarkable.

    I was in a very dark and unhealthy place when Adrian walked into my life. He worked with me on a daily basis, from detox to intensive outpatient care, to 12 step program, Adrian put a recovery program together that worked for me and supported me and my family throughout an entire year of sobriety."

    Jonathan (DC)

    "Adrian, you were helpful in many more ways than I will be able to recount. The main thing you did for me, living 2700 miles away from our son, was give me peace in knowing you were there for him through the good times and the more challenging times. You accepted our son and all of our extended family even with our shortcomings and flaws. You helped us find our strengths. Our family was strengthened through our son’s recovery.

    I would recommend Adrian to anyone in need of recovery services. Adrian accepts his clients where they are in the process and moves them forward in their recovery. His personal recovery experience is invaluable in his credibility to others. Adrian’s direct contact with the client and the supporting conference calls with extended family and friends is a winning combination!"

    Kathy (OR)

"Your guidance in combination with our son's hard work allowed our family to heal. Thank you.

Obviously, if we could have been present, geographically, it might have made the process better, but you assisted in making it work, despite us living 3,000 miles away. Most important to us, was your patience and encouragement to all members of our family.

    Adrian is knowledgeable, sensitive to everyone's needs, and extremely effective in his communications. Adrian's involvement put our son on a path to recovery that members of our family, several judges, and a number of other treatment professionals had been trying to initiate for many years. The most valuable aspect of working with Adrian was his professionalism tempered by his sincere caring for our son and our family."

    Jeffrey (OR)

    "This process helped me grow as a person. I felt the process was organized. Ground rules laid out for everyone. Notes taken at the end of the session.  I am unable to think of anything to improve.

    My nephew stayed sober after one slip. I believe this process keeps the person that is new in recovery and participants accountable to each other.  Group participation is important and needed in this process.

    I had my doubts at first that this process would work. I am old school in that sense of thinking that a traditional rehabilitation facility is what works for addiction. This process proved me wrong. This process gives the newly recovering person more freedom than traditional rehabilitation institutions. They aren’t locked up and are accountable to themselves and the group.

    A great service for a family when we live in different parts of the country. I believe it helps us to understand one another and bond as a group (I am sure it could work the other way also). To me, this process is a progressive way of recovery and an excellent way to help someone. It works if we are all honest with one another and participate in the program as requested by the mediator.

    Taught me to be patient and not interrupt others while speaking. To take good notes to add to the conversation when it was my turn to participate. Helpful in my life path of recovery for my addictions.

    This service is worth a try for all families involved with addictions and communication problems.  To have a mediator is key. The mediator helps others to feel safe when talking about feelings and could diffuse an argument or encourage good behavior. Again, for families spread out throughout the country this is a good way to bring us together."

    Cindy (OR)